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Hello, Hello! WELCOME to our Valley Drama Family web page! This is where you can find everything you need-from the year's schedule to volunteer opportunities. Check back often and see what we're up to!

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Ms. Stacy Hansen, Valley Drama Director/IHSSA Large Group Speech Director:

Ms. Anna Mokricky, Valley Southwoods Drama Director

Ms. Elizabeth Meier, Valley Southwoods IHSSA Director:

Wish Lists

FALL PLAY IN NEED OF: old ropes, dropcloths, muslin, and latex paint


*Snacks for students (no peanuts or foods containing peanuts)


*Glue sticks and glue guns


 *Paintbrushes, rollers, paint pans, latex only paint


*Safety glasses and other building tools


*Baby wipes




*Old yards of fabrics, ribbons, and elastic


*Buttons or other sewing notions




*Dry Erase Markers