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1. When I receive your contracts, I promise to honor those dates.  In return, I expect you to honor the rehearsal schedule.  ONE UNEXCUSED ABSENCE will result in dismissal from the cast.  There is a hungry flock ready to gobble up a role.

2. When rehearsal begins at a certain time, you should be ready five minutes beforehand.  EARLY is on time.  On time is late.  It takes more than a few minutes to begin think about focusing.  


3. CALL ME or talk to me directly if an emergency arises and you are going to miss a rehearsal or be tardy.


Office phone 633-4305


Or write a note on a post-it and hang it on glass to Mr. Westrum's Office.  Do NOT rely on someone else to tell me your message.   Be responsible for yourself.   The only way we can be successful as a team unit is if we communicate positively.


4. R.E.S. P.E.C.T. yourself, your body, and your fellow actors and techies.


5. GRADES! The play is absolutely no excuse for your grades to fall.  When you choose to participate in drama, it is with the understanding that you are able to keep your grades up AND participate at the same time.  These are very similar obligations you find in the real workplace.  Theatrical productions are extra activities. Do the play and do your school work - BOTH with commitment and excellence.


6. If rehearsal ends at 9:00pm, you should be home by 9:15pm.  Rehearsal will not be used as an alibi if you are coming home late.


7. Absolutely no candy, pop, gum, etc, in the auditorium.  This is our second home.  We shall treat it with respect and keep it clean.


8. It is your personal responsibility to learn your lines and blocking as quickly as possible. You cannot begin to act if you are still learning lines.  Valuable rehearsal time is wasted when actors come to the stage unprepared.


9. Always bring a couple sharpened pencils with you to rehearsal. Write blocking and any other notations down in your script.


10. When receiving criticism from the director, listen to it, process it, and use the criticism to strengthen your character.


11. Under no circumstance should one actor “direct” another actor or technician.  You may compliment their performance, but refrain from degrading another person's performance during as well as outside of rehearsal.


12. Rehearsal is our time for rehearsal and work.  Please don’t carry outside problems with you on stage.  In addition, please do not interfere with those on stage that are working.  In fact, one can learn tons by watching and listening.


13. It is a good idea to keep an actor’s journal.  Bring it to each rehearsal and make entries about questions, discoveries, and progress.


14. Please do not ask your friends or others to attend rehearsal without the director’s prior consent.


15. USE THE MAIN ENTRANCE to VHS.  Do not pound on the doors incessantly.   Use some patience and common sense and walk around.


16. You have a responsibility to your role and your cast… if at any time I as director do not feel you are giving your best, in terms of attitude, preparation, ensemble work, etc., I may choose to recast your role.


17. Costume donation is $60 per production.  This covers the costs of rental, dry-cleaning, fabric, notions, patterns, or whatever else comprises your costume.  Financial assistance is available to those in need.  CAMP/TECH Crew donation is $30.  See Mr. Westrum for scholarships. 


18. COMMUNICATION!  TEAMWORK!  RESPONSIBILITY!  FAMILY!  Positively represent VHS Drama to its fullest no matter where you are!

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