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Hello! Hello!

Each year, the Valley Drama Booster Club works to advance its mission of uniting and

supporting drama students, parents, faculty, and staff at Valley High School and Valley Southwoods Freshman High School. We aid all of the various drama groups through the sharing of school spirit, and moral and financial support.

With your help, we've been able to provide equipment for the Performing Arts Center,

pay membership fees for Thespian Troupe 2048, send our student Thespians to their

annual retreat, provide food and supplies for our many drama events and activities,

and support the artist in residence programs. We've also provided financial support

and volunteers for the IHSSA district, state, and all-state competitions. With donationsfrom supporters like you, we will continue to see our drama departments thrive andexpand with opportunities for all students to get involved. Your friendship and support areinvaluable to our students' success. Keep up with all the ways you’re helping the Valley Drama Family by checking back here!

Thank you again for enriching all the arts in our schools!


Best wishes,

The Valley Drama Booster Club Officers

Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Sally Rindfuss, Co-Presidents

Ms. Jennifer Throckmorton, Vice President

Mr. Caleb Spangler, Treasurer

Mrs. Gabrielle Eaton, Secretary

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