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Hello, Hello! WELCOME to our Valley Drama Family web page! This is where you can find everything you need-from the year's schedule to volunteer opportunities. Check back often and see what we're up to!

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Ms. Stacy Hansen, Valley Drama Director/IHSSA Large Group Speech Director:

Ms. Anna Mokricky, Valley Southwoods Drama Director

Ms. Elizabeth Meier, Valley Southwoods IHSSA Director:


Staff and Officers

Ms. Stacy Hansen: Drama Director
Ms. Hansen is in great gratitude to serve as Valley High School's Drama Director. For the past 28 years, she has found friendship, connection, and artistry in theatre education. Her door is always open!
Ms. Michelle Brackemyer, CAMP Dir.
Ms. Brackemyer is pumped to be the CAMP Crew Director! This math teacher is ready to be creative and work with the amazing, talented students she's heard so much about!
Ms. Amanda Pichler, Tech Director
Ms. Pichler is thrilled to be behind-the-scenes as the Technical Director for the drama family, and the Performing Arts Center Manager. Starting her 5th year back at Valley, she is excited to see the opportunities that await students.
AJ Bleskacek, President
I am so excited to serve as the Valley Drama Family President! I have been involved in school plays since 8th grade. I enjoy listening to music and playing video games in my spare time. I also have watched Avengers Infinity War 28 times!
Lauren Anderson, Officer
Lauren is so excited to continue stage managing this year and work with her fellow officers, and get to see all of her best friends everyday in the drama room.
Joey Furnald, Officer
Joey is looking forward to helping lead Valley Drama this year! Not only is Joey involved in drama, he’s in band, choir, and Bakers Dozen Mime Troupe!
Maya Knudsen, Officer
Maya’s heart has been in the theatre from the age of two, when she was singing RENT songs. Maya is excited for this year! Here’s to the next 525,600 minutes...
Suraj Moorjani, Officer
Hello hello! I’m incredibly honored and excited to be a drama officer this year! Apart from drama I’m also a choir office and participate in show choir. I look forward to the wonderful drama season ahead of us!
Jake Stegman, Officer
Jake is just a nerd who enjoys climbing, acting, and carpentry. He is very excited for this year and won't let you down!
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