Welcome to the spotlight on this year's calendar. From the Fall Play to the Spring Musical, all the dates and times you'll need will be here for you. Be sure to check back often as the calendar is updated and revised frequently.

August 17-18: VHS Thespian Leadership Camp @ Boone Y Camp
August 26: VHS 1st Drama Meeting, 3:30

September 3-6: VHS FALL Play Production Auditions

September 3: BOOSTER CLUB @ 7:00 PM
September 9-14: Staplin PAC closed for MIME SHOW
September 14: VHS Fall Mime Show @ 7:30 PM

October 7: BOOSTER CLUB/Fall PLAY Potluck @ 6:00 PM/VHS Cafeteria
October 18-Nov 10: Staplin PAC closed for THE MIRACLE WORKER

November 4: BOOSTER CLUB @ 7:00 PMNovember 6: Parent Preview of THE MIRACLE WORKER @ 7:00 PM, STAPLIN PAC

November 7: THE MIRACLE WORKERStudent Matinee, STAPLIN PAC
November 8-10: THE MIRACLE WORKER Production, STAPLIN PAC (Fri/Sat @ 7:00 P.M. Sun @ 2:00 P.M.)
November 12,13,14: IHSSA Auditions, VHS Drama Room

December 2: BOOSTER CLUB @ 7:00 PM

January 6: BOOSTER CLUB @ 7:00 PM
January 17: Large-Group Speech Parents’ Night @ 7:00 P.M.
January 25: IHSSA DISTRICT Large-Group Speech Contest


February 3: BOOSTER CLUB @ 7:00

February 7/8: IHSSA STATE Large-Group Speech Contest @ Waukee

February 18,29,20 : VHS Auditions for NEWSIES
February 21/22: IHSSA ALL-STATE Large-Group Speech Festival @ I.S.U.
February 29: IHSSA DISTRICT Individual Speech Contest

March 2: BOOSTER CLUB @ 7:00 PM
March 14: IHSSA STATE Individual Speech Contest
March 23- 28: Staplin PAC closed for MIME SHOW
March 28: VHS Spring BD Mime Show
March 30: IHSSA ALL-STATE Individual Speech Festival

April 6: BOOSTER CLUB/NEWSIESPotluck @ 6:00 PM
April 11-May 3: Staplin PAC closed for NEWSIES Build
April 29: Parent Preview of NEWSIES
April 30: Student Matinee of NEWSIES

May 1,2, 3: NEWSIES (Fri/Sat @ 7:00 P.M. Sun @ 2:00 P.M.)
May 4 : BOOSTER CLUB @ 7:00 PM

May 16: VHS Improv Show
May 17:: VHS/VSW End-of-the-Year Thespian/ Drama Banquet & Awards Night/Thespian Induction

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