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Hello, Hello VALLEY/VALLEY SOUTHWOODS  Drama Family!


Thank you for agreeing to volunteer on February 4/5 at Valley High School for the Iowa High School Speech Association (IHSSA) Large Group State Contest! Thank you, most sincerely, for offering us your expertise, your always positive and uplifting energy, and your support of the performing arts in our schools! YOU are the very first impressions of Valley High School and what most beautiful first impressions they most certainly will be! We are most appreciative of your help and sincerely are in great gratitude to you!  Thank you for making this day a success for all students!

I NEED TO SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER! if you have not already, please sign up below.




If you have already signed up, here are additional instructions:

1. HERE IS THE LINK OF VOLUNTEER DUTIES by last name.  Please look over your TIME/POSITION. Additionally, we’ll certainly make sure you are able to attend your own student’s performance. No worries at all!


2. Please report to the GUIDANCE OFFICE at the scheduled beginning time.  We’ve got a lovely bright orange “Got ??’s” T-shirt  for you to wear. At the end of your shift, we’ll ask you to return these…we’ll wash them up for next year.


3. Do make sure you find out when your student performs on Saturday.  We have specific runner volunteers whose job will be to come and save you so you can watch your student.


4. If your name doesn’t appear OR if you know someone that wishes to assist during the day, simply report to the GUIDANCE OFFICE and we’ll make sure to get you/them an orange t-shirt and assigned to a duty.



Thank you for your always continued support of the arts in our schools!  Thank you for supporting your student in drama! And again, thank you for offering us your volunteer time, insight, energy, and love!


In the spirit of speech and drama education!

Stacy S. Hansen, Valley Drama/Speech Director



AM: 7:00 AM-12:30 PM

PM: 11:30-AM-5:30 PM


Description of Duties:


ROOM CHAIR: You’ll be announcing each event and reminding the audience of appropriate audience etiquette.  You’ll also make sure the three judges in each room are attended to. You are the “Quarterback” of center—announcing, timing, and making sure everything is going smoothly.

Watch this EXCITING video for special advice! You'll enjoy! 


HOST/GREETER: You are totally the very 1st impression of the day J! You’ll greet folks with a grand “Hello, Hello” as they come into the doors. You’ll be selling programs and reminding them of the $3 suggested donation.


FOOD SERVICE: You’ll be working in the cafeteria selling food as well as making and arranging food items. You’ll do a grand job of keeping ears and eyes open for any special needs while in the cafeteria.


RUNNER: You’ll start in the guidance office and will be a jack/jane of all trades.  You’ll be the fill-in for those volunteers that need to sneak out for a bit and watch their student.


ROOM DOOR MONITOR: You’ll be standing outside each center getting the “next on deck” performers ready.  You’ll also keep things quiet in the halls. You are the “Linebacker” of each center, making sure no one gets to the performers while they are performing as well as making sure things are running smoothly in the hallways.


NOISE POLICE: You’ll be walking throughout the halls keeping order. You are the “police.”  You have a friendly but assertive smile and tone. We’ll have big red stop signs that say, “No Talking” for you to carry.

PARKING LOT ATTENDEE: You’ll be assisting buses where to park by the south parking lot.  You’ll also instruct bus drivers that we have a bus drivers’ lounge for them.

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