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Update on Saturday's DISTRICT Contest: Weather

Looking ahead to this upcoming weekend and the possibility of inclement weather in the forecast, I want to share with you our plan for IHSSA District Contest.  I have been in contact with our Administration and we will be able to make a best, informed decision hopefully on Friday evening.

Plan A: Go to Osceola as planned. Bus leaves at 6:00 AM Plan B: Go to Osceola later in the day if possible and perform later in the day given road  conditions permit.  Plan C: Reschedule IHSSA on Saturday afternoon for Valley/

VSW students at Valley--given driving conditions are safe. (Schedule would be similar to Preview Night.) Plan D: Reschedule IHSSA on Sunday afternoon/evening for Valley/VSW students at Valley.  Plan E: Reschedule IHSSA on Monday afternoon/evening for Valley/VSW students at Valley.

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