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1. Should we wear masks? The IHSSA encourages that you wear a mask--especially in the hallways and in performance centers.  Performers are allowed to wear masks while they perform. 

2. Are performance times exact? No. Plan on arriving

To your student’s center at least 1/2 hour early.  Most often, centers run ahead of time.


3. Are videotaping and photography allowed?  NO videotaping or photography. You must call the IHSSA Executive Director permission.  In fact, it may disqualify the performing school.


4. May a school logo be worn?  Refrain from all apparel that informs the judge of what school the participants are from.


5. Are students permitted to leave after they are finished performing?  It is up to each individual school and their head coach. Please contact your school’s head director.


6.  What are the qualifications of the judges? ALL IHSSA judges have gone through training and certification.  Please accept your student’s ratings with pride and dignity. Adhere to proper sportsmanship

at all times.


7.  How are ratings given?  At Districts, one judge critiques the performance with a I, II, III, or Disqualification IV rating.  The judge also gives an oral critique. Only those receiving a I rating advance to State. At State, three judges critique the performance. No oral critique is given. Only those performances that receive at least two All-State nominations AND also are in the upper percentages of point ratings advance to All-State. At the All-State Festival, a professional artist adjudicates the performance.  All-State is not a competition, but a celebration of excellence.


8. If I don’t know where/when my student performs what should I do?  DO make sure you DO know ahead of time your student’s times and locations. Please do not rely on the head office, as the contest managers are extremely busy. Students WILL know the schedule the week of the contest. Also, please contact your own head coach from your school.


9.  Can anyone come to contest? Yes, all are invited. There is a $3 donation that is asked of all audience members at the main door for Districts and State.


10.  May I watch any group perform?  Yes, and you are encouraged to watch students from other schools as well as other categories.


11. What if I I have a question about a rating? All questions concerning ratings should be taken to your school’s head coach. Only the head coach should inquire with the Contest Manger. A coach/audience member/student should never inquire with a judge.  If you do have a question, please see your coach. Then, the coach will inquire at the head office.


12. Are vegetarian and gluten free options available? Yes! We have lots of yummy and nutritional options for all. Please plan on eating here at Valley. We depend on your support so we can continue to host. Thank you kindly!


13. May I enter a center once the door has closed? Please do not disrupt any performance when the door has closed.  Your entrance could detract from the performance. Please be kind and respectful to our doorkeepers. They are there to support the student performers.

14. Is there a health care worker on site? Yes! A registered nurse is located inside the MEDIA CENTER for emergencies. 

15. Will tshirts/sweatshirts/swag be for sale? Yes! Tshirts/sweatshirts/swag--all completely customizable--will be available for purchase near the ratings.   

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