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Thank you, thank you, thank you for offering your expertise, your insight and your always optimistic energy to the IHSSA and to our students and families! Our greatest gratitude to you!


Our contest is held at: Valley High School, 3650 Woodland Avenue, West Des Moines, IA 50265.


Please make certain to view the JUDGES’ PREVIEW VIDEO.  It has some very special advice and helpful tips. CLICK THE LINK HERE or view at 


Please arrive at the Valley High School FORUM BEFORE 6:55 A.M.!!  That is how you earn your $5 cash bonus! There will be student “pages” to escort you to the FORUM when you arrive.  Pages will also assist you to your rooms as well as show you the library/office, restrooms, and the judges’ “good eats” room.


Park on the WEST SIDE of the school.  You’ll be entering on the WEST SIDE of VHS. There will student pages to greet you at the door. CLICK HERE FOR PARKING MAP.


There will be a lovely breakfast for you: bacon, eggs, potatoes, pastries, fruit, juices...and COFFEE!


You will receive your judges’ packet with rules, payment information, maps, examples of ballots, etc. at the meeting.  You will be viewing a video released by the IHSSA on judge expectations at this meeting. Do make sure you familiarize yourself with IHSSA Constitution rules for your specific category(ies).


Lunch will be provided for you. As my roots are with the "farm", we've got some great hearty soul food planned for you.


A judges’ room  will be available…stocked with goodies all day!


Thank you and KUDOS to you all for reaching out to the IHSSA as well as Valley High School.  We are honored to host your expertise, your warm hearts, and your artistry! If you have any questions/concerns/good jokes, please make certain you share them with me.


In the spirit of the IHSSA!

Stacy S. Hansen

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